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Break Free from Physical Constraints with Wireless Follow Focus Systems from SmallRig

SmallRig’s MagicFIZ wireless follow focus systems allow you to achieve precise, repeatable focus adjustments “wirelessly” from a distance. Free yourself from physical cables connected to the lens for maximum freedom of movement and versatile camera angles. SmallRig’s wireless follow focus systems provide the precision and reliability you need for professional filming.

Break Free from Physical Constraints with Wireless Follow Focus Systems from SmallRig

Enhanced Features for Precise Wireless Focus

SmallRig‘s wireless follow focuses operate at 2.4GHz for stable connectivity up to 30 meters. The high-precision focus controllers and  motors ensure smooth, responsive adjustment of your lenses – even large cinema optics. LED battery level indicators, customizable focus increments and compatibility with most lens mounts add to the versatility.

Tailored for Professionals with a Passion for Filmmaking    

As a filmmaker-focused brand, SmallRig designs every product to meet the needs of directors of photographers and video creators. Their wireless follow focus systems are no exception, providing a perfect balance of features, performance and options.

SmallRig: Empowering Filmmakers with Innovative Gear

A wireless follow focus system removes the hassle of physical cables connecting the focus controller to the lens, giving filmmakers more freedom and flexibility during shoots. SmallRig,   a leader in professional camera accessory manufacturing, offers a wide range of high-performance “MagicFIZ” wireless follow focus kits to suit your needs.

Remove Physical Constraints with Wireless Lens Control  

Traditional follow focus rigs require cables linking the focus controls to the lens, restricting your movement and limiting certain camera angles. SmallRig’s wireless follow focus systems overcome these issues by wirelessly transmitting focus adjustment data from the handheld controller to the lens motor. This untethered design unlocks new creative possibilities for your shots.


If you want to take your filmmaking rig to the next level, upgrade to a “MagicFIZ” wireless follow focus system from SmallRig. Say goodbye to tangled cables and experience newfound freedom of movement during your shots. The precision control and versatile design will empower you to capture the shots you’ve always imagined – without physical constraints.

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