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Causes of poor Internet performance on your computer

When the Internet starts to work badly, we, first of all, think “it’s the provider’s fault again” and begin to hastily look for the phone numbers of the service provider, call and express our complaints. But, as practice shows, the provider is not always to blame. If you have any questions about setting up the router, follow the link: Internet speed depends not only on the router or tariff of your provider.

Wi-Fi router

When you connect with the wireless connection, you could be experiencing issues due to a weak Wi-Fi signal or heavy interference. The router may become stuck, in which case you will have to restart it (switch it on and off). However, it is possible that interference is responsible for the sluggish performance of the Internet while connected via Wi-Fi at specific periods of the day. Therefore, it is important to relocate the router or upgrade to a new one with more customizable settings.

Program dials back

The program can dial back because of multiple factors – from reserve flood and augmentations to the impact of different projects on it. For instance, you have opened a strong realistic manager and are working in the program simultaneously. On the off chance that your equipment doesn’t deal with such undertakings, slow execution will be very normal. There are likewise issues inside the program – when 10 years it is fitting to uninstall it and introduce it once more on the off chance of issues.

Signal reception

Another important point that affects the speed of the Internet. If you go into the basement, then surely the pages will start loading much slower than if you were standing on the street. So, pay attention to the number of divisions of the antenna. In some cases, you can block the sensor with your hand, thereby reducing the quality of signal reception, so pay attention to this moment when using the gadget.

Do not use several applications at once

If you download an application or some file and want to watch a video of high quality on YouTube, the download speed will be very slow. The system reserves a separate stream for each application and significantly narrows the data channel together, leading to a decrease in speed.

Clear the application cache

Many people do not know about it, but an overflowing cache folder can significantly reduce the speed of the browser. Because of this, even with a good Internet connection, pages can load very slowly.

Running out of traffic

Internet speed can also be slow due to tariff conditions. Many operators need to provide additional gigabytes of the Internet at the maximum speed, as in the case of monthly traffic. Therefore, if the quota is spent – the peak speed will be limited according to the rules of these services.

Choose the type of 4G network

The type of network in which the device operates has a huge impact on Internet speed. For example, in 2G it will be very low, in 3G it will be slightly higher, but still unacceptable for most operations except for communication in messengers. Your choice is 4G. There is also 5G, but it is not available in Ukraine.

So, check what is indicated near the antenna divisions on the screen. If instead of 4G there is 3G or 2G, it is possible that your settings are wrong. Check them manually.

The actual PC dials back

Slow PC execution overall will influence your last internet speed, as cycles likewise use the central processor and Slam assets. Similarly, as with the point above, foundation traffic utilization can likewise influence speeds, for instance, because of updates or downloads at present running.

PC infections can utilize your Internet channel for their own motivations and make a weighty burden. It merits understanding, the Internet of 2022 and the Internet of 2010 are two distinct things. Sites have become a lot “heavier” and, surprisingly, a straightforward website page delivery can be hard for an old PC.

Assuming your internet is dialing back, the principal thing to check is whether all destinations are opening gradually.

Maybe the issue is with some particular site. In this situation, just the end server on which the site is found is at fault. Assuming you have rebooted the switch, attempted to interface through the wire, and associated from various gadgets the issue exists, you can call the supplier.

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