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Discover Customized TO Packages with Hermetix: A Premier Metal Packaging Manufacturer

As a renowned distributor of hermetic packages based in Shanghai, Hermetix takes pride in its almost 25 years of experience in manufacturing and designing metal packages. Our team’s expertise in every production stage and inspection standard ensures that we deliver high-quality products to our customers.

TO Packages in Opto-Electronics

Opto-electronics relies on transistor outline packagesĀ or TO packages. They shield sensitive electronics from damp, dust, and temperature changes. Many opto-electronic devices use TO packages to efficiently transfer electrical signals between components and the outside world.

Customized TO Packages from Hermetix

Hermetix provides tailored solutions to match each customer’s unique demands. During R&D, our engineers advise on materials, functionality, and cost. We collaborate to improve your project’s TO packages for performance and marketability.

Hermetix TO Package Partnership Benefits

Hermetix offers many benefits for TO package needs. First, our longstanding ties with major domestic manufacturers allow you access to a comprehensive library of open tooling goods. This gives you several possibilities to discover the best solution for your job.

Second, our customer service is unmatched. Our engineers are available to help you throughout the development process to ensure a seamless project.

Thirdly, we offer MIL-compliant and civilian-standard products. This wide selection ensures you can find the right TO package for your industry or application.


Finally, Hermetix provides high-quality TO packages for opto-electronic applications. Agents and dealers looking to enter the promising hermetic packaging solutions industry choose us for our experience, individual service, and large product portfolio. Trust Hermetix, and we will grow your business.

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