How To Improve The Accuracy Of Counting Machines

In Europe at the time, the starting point for automatic counting machines was to address worker fatigue, not today for labor cuts, cost reductions, and other R&D reasons. Photoelectric counting machines were not used in the pharmaceutical industry until the late 1970s.

Improve the accuracy of the automatic particle counting machine:

Keep the equipment level to minimize uneven heights. When the device is level, the operation is more stable, and the particle count is higher.

Start the machine and preheat for a few minutes to make the pellet machine stable and normal; at the same time, the operator should pay attention to the operation situation to help solve some situations quickly.

Counting particles, dust and other effects. Set the capsule, pill, and pill oscillation frequency. If the device continuously counts particles for a long time, dust and particles will accumulate, so the user must clean the automatic counting machine.

Adding a memory baffle to bulk materials can improve particle counting efficiency. Also, static electricity must not damage the device. According to industry insiders, non-polar materials and grounded power cords can mitigate the effects of static electricity.

Set the parameters reasonably. Particle count and transport speeds can be modified for various materials, especially for large volumes; the count speed can be reduced, decreasing the speed but increasing the degree.


With the rapid economic and social development, the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements for production efficiency are also increasing. Therefore, the automatic tablet counter machine can be uniformly packaged, is easy to use, and improve work efficiency. If you are also looking for an automatic tablet counting machine, Pharmapack‘s products are very suitable for your needs. We insist on using technology to innovate and develop to provide customers with the best service to maximize benefits.

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