Pocket 3 Experiences in Lottery Lottery Lottery at New88

To catchSilver remembers loto standard, you must clearly understand this lottery prediction method. A lot of experience has been applied by the experts and they can earn attractive money when closing the bridge. Trang Chủ New88 will help you learn more about concepts, experiences and important notes when betting on lottery according to silver memory.

Concept of lottery memory

To put it simply Silver remembers loto is how you summarize the lottery results of previous days to find out the frequency of lottery numbers. These lottery bets will be based on understanding the “go to shore” rule to determine the number or pair of lots with the highest probability of winning. The masters at New88 According to the opinion, the appearance of the lottery is not a coincidence but it will have its own rules. Applying the method of catching money is also a solution to help your investment money in beautiful lottery numbers bring attractive profits.

Tell you 3 experiences to help you catch standard lottery numbers at the house New88

Many lottery players bet here New88 chose to catch Silver remembers loto to look for a chance to win. With this choice, you need to “pocket” the following experiences to get the most accurate memory card results.

Use the total number of special prizes to catch money and remember

With this lottery prediction method, you can rely on the special prize to calculate the total number and bet effectively. As follows:

  • If the lottery total is 0, there is a possibility that the next day the lottery will return with a total of 1
  • If the total is 1, then immediately close the lottery total 7 for the next day
  • With a total total of 2, you choose to bet on a total of 9 topics to get rich quickly.
  • If you add up to a total of 3, you raise a total of 0 for the next day.
  • The total number from the special prize is 4, you immediately close the total number 3 for the next day.
  • If the total result is 5, the next day choose a number with a total of 4, which will be favored by the God of Fortune.
  • The total of the special prize is 6, then the next day the lottery will be closed with a total of 8.
  • The total result is 7, you should choose to invest capital and the lottery number has a total of 2 the next day.
  • With the total lottery number from the special prize being 8, don’t hesitate to choose the total number of 7 to earn attractive money today.
  • If the lottery total is 9 from the special prize, the next day there is a high possibility that the lottery with a total of 5 will come back.

Experience in predicting lottery numbers according to days of each week

At the bookmaker’s house New88, experts have won big when applying prediction methodSilver remembers loto according to the days of the week. From Monday to Sunday, there will be different lottery numbers. Veteran players who can count the regular lottery numbers in the week after applying the silver prediction method remember as follows:

  • Lot number 33 usually comes out on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday each week.
  • Lotto number 56 often comes on Thursday and Sunday.
  • Lot number 66 will often appear when doing statisticsSilver remembers loto Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.
  • Closing the lottery pair 89 – 98 on Saturday and Sunday will have a very high chance of winning.
  • Choose lottery number 97 if you want to play the lottery on Thursday and Saturday every week.

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How to catch money and remember lotto to go together according to XSMB results

There is a way for you to see Silver remembers loto with the possibility of winning big is from XSMB results to find pairs of lots that often come together. You can refer to a few suggested pairs of lots as follows:

  • Lot 11 often comes with lot 44
  • Lot 10 – 01 or pair 37 – 73
  • The lottery number 76 should be combined with the number 47 to win big.
  • Lot number 49 often comes with number 23.
  • The numbers 66 – 33 are often “matching cards” that you should not miss….

Note that when predicting silver, remember loto at New88

Want to look Silver remembers loto standard at the bookmaker New88, you definitely must not ignore the following information:

  • You should flexibly apply methods and experience in lottery prediction to ensure accurate lottery prediction.
  • Don’t just look at one position. Because of the characteristics of lottery, there is always a resting rhythm.
  • Learn a lot of experience from the experts so that you can close the lottery more accurately and have more attractive money-making opportunities.
  • Be sure to choose the correct official link New88 Or bet on the lottery right on the house’s app to avoid being scammed or losing money because of tricks from fake links.

Don’t miss out on valuable experience when catching Silver remembers loto at the bookmaker New88 shared above. This is a way for you to have more help when making decisions on lottery betting numbers. Many people have made a fortune by closing lottery numbers using the method you remember. Please see and apply today for the best results.

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