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What Makes Smart Light Bulbs So Popular to Use?

There are lots of smart light bulbs around today that make your home or living room look brighter during the day. Some of them come with advanced technology features such as Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi network, color changing night lights, etc. However many of these light bulbs smart are quite expensive. Let’s discuss some main questions about what makes a smart bulb popular:

What is the difference between a smart light bulb & regular one?

The main difference between a regular bulb and other smart light bulbs is that they use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect with your Smartphone. You can control them using your Android/IOS App installed on your device. The design and features also vary according to each product. Some of them feature touch buttons, some use voice activation while others allow you to change color using an App.

What is the difference between a smart light bulb & Bluetooth speaker?

Most smart light bulbs are similar to Bluetooth speakers. If you want to play music on it, you can connect it with your smartphone using Bluetooth. However some of them allow you to control it using voice commands and some features like timers, etc. are unique and only available in the smart bulb.

What do people typically do with their Smart Lights?

There are many popular uses of today’s smart lights. The most common one is using it as a night light to save you from tripping and falling when getting up at night. When connected with an App, it can automatically turn on/off according to the sunset and sunrise time.

Some people use it as a mood light to make their house look brighter and more beautiful during the dark days. However the recent trend is using them for security purposes in the dark by turning them on/off automatically according to the motion sensing and detecting features available in some models.

Will it be possible to control my lights using a Smartphone too?

The answer to this question depends on the smart bulb. A lot of them come with touch buttons and you can control their features using voice recognition. However there are some smart bulbs that allow you to change the color of their light and features via Bluetooth connection.

What is the best Smart Light Bulb you can buy today?

All the smart light bulbs listed here are safe, cheap & are compatible with almost all devices like Android, IOS, Windows devices, etc. These will help you make your home/living room brighter and save from unnecessary costs by making use of these lights at night time. However we can only recommend the ones that offer all the required features at a reasonable price.


Smart light bulbs are the latest trend of today’s technology market. They not only improve our lives with new features but also enhance the beauty of our homes/living rooms. However it is important to choose a smart bulb that has all the features you need and at a reasonable price. All the details listed above vital for customers to access a good ratio of price and quality.

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