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4 Main Types of BTS Antennas

There are numerous varieties of outdoor antennas available. In this article, we will introduce the four main varieties of BTS antennas, including omnidirectional, directional, mechanical, and dual-polarized antennas.

  1. Omnidirectional Antenna

The 360° uniform radiation, also known as non-directional radiation, is depicted in the horizontal pattern. It appears as a beam of a specific width on the vertical pattern. Generally speaking, the gain increases with decreasing lobe width. The mobile communication system and the station type of the suburban county system both frequently use omnidirectional antennas because of their wide coverage.

  1. Directional Antenna

It manifests as directional radiation on the horizontal pattern, which has a specific angular range. It appears as a beam of a specific width on the vertical pattern. Similar to omnidirectional antennas, the gain increases as the lobe width decreases. When it comes to mobile communication systems, the station type of urban cell system, which has a narrow coverage area, a high user density, and a high-frequency consumption, typically uses directional antennas.

  1. Mechanical Antenna

refers to a mobile antenna that adjusts the downtilt angle mechanically. If network optimization is necessary after the mechanical antenna has been placed vertically to the ground, the location of the bracket on the rear of the antenna must be changed to alter the antenna’s inclination.

  1. Dual polarized antenna

The main benefit of the new dual-polarized antenna technology is that it reduces the number of base station antennas by one orientation. It combines two antennas with orthogonal polarization directions of +45° and -45° and operates in the transceiver duplex mode simultaneously. Due to the dual-polarized antenna’s low installation and erection requirements, there is no need to purchase land or construct a tower, saving infrastructure investment. In addition, choosing a base station site is simpler and the base station layout is more logical.


Tongyu Communication has many different types of base station antennas. Hopefully, this information will help you make an informed decision when choosing the type of antenna that suits your needs.

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