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5 Contemporary House Design Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Is it possible to be too fashionable? When it comes to interior design, we think not. While you shouldn’t use the same color palette in every room of your house or try to incorporate so many trends that your home looks like a circus decorated, current design trends will keep your home looking up-to-date, no matter what year was built. Whether you’re planning on selling your house in the next few years or just looking to add excitement to your interiors, here are five contemporary house design trends that will never go out of style.

1) Minimalism

Trying to capture the essence and beauty of simplicity, minimalism has been a major design trend in recent years. For many people, having less is better. This way, they can focus on what is truly important and find peace in their homes. With the help of Truoba’s modern home decorating ideas, you can turn any room into a minimalist haven where you can find serenity.

1) Use monochromatic colors for all your walls. You don’t have to worry about messing up your paint job with accents or patterns because it’s about getting it done quickly and efficiently without adding too much detail.

2) Let natural light do its work. Open up your space by removing anything blocking windows and doors. When designing, keep an eye on how natural light affects the house at different times of the day so you can optimize it when possible.

2) Sustainability

One of the main contemporary house design trends is to use sustainable materials. Truoba provides its clients with a choice between reclaimed and repurposed steel, which is economical, environmentally friendly, and flexible. In some cases, they have been able to incorporate natural elements in an architectural project with minimal extra costs by harvesting cedar branches or keeping remnant rock slabs in their native state as accents.

They suggest using salvaged material like upholstered seats made from scraps or concrete blocks instead of shipping a pile of bricks from Europe. Living off the grid has become a popular way to harness renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, rainwater, or geothermal heating and cooling.

3) Biophilia

House design is a rapidly evolving field, with new concepts and ideas surfacing every day. However, certain trends tend to stand the test of time. Biophilia is one such trend. This phenomenon (named after the Greek word for love of living things) was first described by naturalist Edward O. Biophilia: The Human Bond with Other Species, written by Wilson in 1984.

Biophilia has been cited as an environmental theory to help us understand why people have a certain preference for natural environments, especially those composed largely of plants; why we develop an attachment to nature; and why we sometimes find natural environments more pleasing than built ones.

4) Technology

Truoba is an award-winning smart home app changing how homeowners interact with their homes. The app allows homeowners to manage their homes from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It also does more than just provide you with a list of things to do for your home. Truoba allows you to set up automation, so your lights turn on and off at specific times, your oven preheats when you get close, and it even tells you if your HVAC system is having any issues.

5) Wellness

Great post by Truoba on house design! In recent years, home design has undergone a lot of change. Some shifts in house designs have lasted only a few years, while others have changed how we all build houses and set up our homes. Take a look at some recent and ongoing developments in the field below, and you’ll be ahead of the curve on the home design!


If you’re considering making a house your home, it’s always a good idea to watch what’s trending. After all, the look of your home will be the defining factor in its curb appeal and, ultimately, the resale value. That being said, this modern contemporary Truoba style is one of five contemporary House Design Trends That Will Never Go Out. The other four are Arts and Crafts, Greek revival, Cape Cod Colonial, and Earth-based Homes.

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