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A Leading Wet Wipes Manufacturer: Shuya’s Commitment to Quality

Wet wipes have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering convenience and hygiene on the go. When it comes to quality and reliability, one brand stands out – Shuya, the leading wet wipes manufacturer. In this article, we’ll explore why Shuya is your top choice for wet wipes and how they have earned their reputation in the industry.

A Pioneer in Personal Care:

For over 37 years, Shuya has been a pioneer in the personal care industry. Established in 1985 as Qiaofeng Sanitary Product Co., Ltd., the company has since evolved into the largest personal care hygiene products manufacturer in the southwest of China. Their journey to becoming a renowned wet wipes manufacturer showcases their dedication to quality and innovation.

Uncompromised Quality and Standards:

Shuya takes pride in producing wet wipes that meet the highest industry standards. All of their products, including wet wipes, adhere to strict regulations and certifications such as FDA, CE, ISO9001, SGS, CNAS, and MSDS. This commitment to quality ensures that consumers can trust Shuya’s wet wipes for their personal hygiene needs.

Global Reach and Partnership:

Shuya’s excellence extends far beyond the borders of China. With a presence in over 60 countries, they have successfully collaborated with some of the world’s top-500 well-known brands and other renowned global companies. This global reach and partnership network demonstrate Shuya’s commitment to becoming a trusted wet wipes manufacturer worldwide.


In conclusion, Shuya is more than just a wet wipes manufacturer; they are a brand that represents reliability, quality, and innovation in the personal care industry. With over 37 years of experience, global recognition, and a focus on uncompromised quality, Shuya stands as a trusted name in personal hygiene. Choose Shuya for your wet wipes needs, and experience the difference that comes from a brand with a rich history and a commitment to the future.

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