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Advanced Gene Synthesis Solutions by Tsingke: Precision and Efficiency Combined

Gene synthesis, a sophisticated biotechnological process, holds significant importance in various scientific fields, including genetic engineering, synthetic biology, drug development, and protein expression studies. Tsingke, a premier gene synthesis service provider, offers high-quality services with fast turnaround time, utilizing innovative technologies and streamlined processes.

Unveiling Tsingke’s Advanced Gene Synthesis Technology

Tsingke has established itself as a leader in gene synthesis with its advanced TSINGKE Gene Factory synthesis platform and Tsynthâ„¢ synthesis technology. Through the integration of synthetic materials, equipment, and processes in the TSINGKE HELIXTECH system, Tsingke ensures a highly intelligent production system for efficient gene synthesis. Continuous research and upgrades to synthesizers and materials enable the production of accurate oligos, facilitating stable gene synthesis with timely delivery.

Quality Assurance Through Rigorous Validation

At Tsingke, quality assurance is paramount. All Tsingke-constructed plasmids undergo thorough NGS and Sanger sequencing validation, guaranteeing 100% sequence accuracy. This commitment to precision and reliability ensures that researchers and industries can trust Tsingke for their gene synthesis needs.


In conclusion, Tsingke offers advanced gene synthesis solutions characterized by precision, efficiency, and reliability. With cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control measures, Tsingke empowers researchers and industries to advance their scientific endeavors with confidence. Join Tsingke in harnessing the power of gene synthesis for transformative innovation in genetic research and biotechnology.

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