Benefits of Having AEDs Available in Schools

A defibrillator that automatically analyzes patient’s condition and shocks the heart is crucial to any educational setting. It is a simple and efficient approach to save a life in the uncommon but unpredictable event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Continue reading to learn why AED for schools is important and how to incorporate your institution.

Automated external defibrillators: Their Importance

A portable device called an automated external defibrillator (AED) can shock someone with cardiac arrest with electricity. It can bring back the heart’s regular rhythm and prolong its life. AEDs are simple to use and require little to no training to operate.

Although public spaces like airports and shopping malls are where AEDs are most frequently seen, their accessibility to other settings, including schools, is growing. Because every second matters when someone is experiencing cardiac arrest, AEDs can be extremely helpful.

How to Use an AED

  1. Before using the AED, read the directions and become familiar with the equipment’s operation.
  2. Before using the AED, be sure the patient is unconscious and not breathing. Call 911 and perform CPR if you are certified if they are breathing and responsive.
  3. As you get ready to use the AED if at all feasible, have someone else dial 911.
  4. Switch on the AED and adhere to the voice instructions. As the prompts instruct, place the pads on the person’s naked chest. While the AED is examining the subject’s heartbeat, avoid touching them.
  5. If administering a shock is recommended, keep a safe distance and follow the recommendations to give the shock. Immediately after administering a shock, start CPR, and keep going until rescue arrives or the victim regains consciousness.


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