Everything You Need to Know About Custom Crafts’ Enamel Pin Factory

Custom Crafts is a leading manufacturer of custom-made enamel pins. The company offers a range of pin styles, including soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, and die-struck pins. These high-quality pins are perfect for businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to create a unique and personalized product. In this article, we will explore what Custom Crafts is and how their enamel pin factory operates.

Who is Custom Crafts?

Custom Crafts is a company that specializes in producing various customized items such as lapel pins, keychains, coins, medals, and more. Established in 2004, the company has become one of the most trusted names in the industry, renowned for its quality products and excellent customer service.

How Does Custom Crafts’ Enamel Pin Factory Work?

Custom Crafts’ enamel pin factory utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce high-quality custom enamel pins. Here’s how it works:

Design Creation: Customers can upload their designs or work with the Custom Crafts team to create a design that fits their needs.

Pin Production: Once the design is approved, the production process begins. First, the design is printed onto a metal sheet. Next, the metal sheet is cut into the shape of the pin and placed in an oven to bake.

Enamel Filling: After baking, the pin is coated with a layer of enamel paint. Depending on the type of pin selected, this may be done once (for hard enamel pins) or multiple times (for soft enamel pins).

Polishing and Plating: Once the enamel has cured, the pin is polished to give it a smooth finish. It is then plated with a metal of the customer’s choice, such as gold, silver, or nickel.

Finishing Touches: Finally, any additional details, such as screen printing or glitter, are added to the pin before it is packaged and shipped to the customer.


Custom Crafts’ enamel pin factory is a truly impressive operation. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, they are able to produce high-quality custom pins that meet the needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. With exceptional customer service and a commitment to quality, it’s no wonder Custom Crafts has become a leading name in the industry.

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