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Experience the Smooth Tire Pattern with Techking Smooth Tires

Smooth tires are improving the driving experience, offering enhanced performance and durability on the road. Techking, a leading name in the tire industry, has developed a range of smooth tires that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. PROLHD is a representative product of Techking’s smooth tires.

Enhanced Tire Profile: Even Load Distribution and Reduced Damage

PROLHD feature a uniform tire profile, ensuring even load distribution across the tire surface. This design innovation helps minimize uneven wear and reduces the risk of partial damage. By promoting a more uniform contact patch with the road, Techking’s smooth tires provide improved wear-resistant performance, resulting in a longer lifespan. Experience a smoother ride and maximize the longevity of your tires with Techking’s enhanced tire profile.

Superior Durability: Fatigue Reduction and Higher TKPH Rating

Techking employs an innovative manufacturing process to enhance the durability of their Smooth Tires. By reducing rubber fatigue, these tires offer exceptional resilience and longevity. The reduced fatigue leads to improved performance and reliability, keeping your vehicle on the road for longer periods without compromising safety. Additionally, PROLHD boast a higher TKPH (Tonne Kilometers Per Hour) rating, indicating their ability to withstand heavy loads and demanding driving conditions.

Advanced Cut-resistant Technology: Protection Against Cuts and Wear

Techking integrates cutting-edge tire rubber and reinforcement materials into their Smooth Tires, providing superior cut-resistant performance. These advanced materials offer increased protection against cuts and wear, ensuring a longer lifespan for your tires.


In conclusion, Techking’s PROLHD are designed to unleash performance on the road.  With their enhanced tire profile, uniform load distribution, and reduced damage, these tires provide better wear resistance, further increasing tire life. Upgrade to Techking smooth tires for performance, reliability and peace of mind..

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