Get prepared for last minute moving

Life happens, and sometimes there is no way to plan your move beforehand. Or you didn’t have enough time to pack your belongings because you were busy with other things. There is no reason to feel desperate in this kind of situation, because many moving companies, like Paramount Moving, offer such service as last minute moving.

Fortunately or not, it does not mean that you can get your things moved out the next day you called the moving company. It is considered a last minute move when you book moving services at least in a week before moving out. That is why it is crucial to make a plan, which includes sorting out things at your office or apartment and buying packing supplies. Thankfully, when you get yourself someone to help, the whole deal feels less stressful. Usually moving company workers help with planning the move and estimating the volume of items to be moved. After that, you may feel confident enough to start packing.

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The process of packing can be long and arduous, so follow this small checklist to make things easier:

  • get rid of old, broken or damaged items, check out all the household chemicals bottles and the perfumes – if the bottle is almost empty, it is better to leave it;
  • start with seasonal clothes and shoes, decorative items and books – use sturdy boxes and label each according to its content;
  • pack your bedrooms, leaving the bed for the last;
  • pack the bathroom and your cosmetics, leave unpacked only cleaning utensils and things for everyday use – shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc;
  • pack the kitchen, except for several plates and cooking utensils. Remember to get rid of the food that may get quickly spoiled without the fridge.
  • don’t forget to secure the fragile stuff: use bubbling wrap for each item, get the wrapping paper, pillows, plush toys, towels to stuff the box with them, and then get a “fragile” sticker for this box, or just write it several times over the box.

In case you are moving your office at the last minute, the algorithm is very similar: get rid of the unnecessary or broken items, pack the less needed items first, remember about fragile things and treat them with care.

You may need different supplies for packing, such as cardboard or plastic boxes, tape, bubble and plastic wrap, also you need something to label each box – so you will know what’s inside when you are at the new place.

As long as you have finished packing and checked out all unfinished business in your current area, you can simply wait for the moving day.

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