Hengli Group: The Strategic Leading Edge of The Development Of The Whole Industry Chain

With its strategic focus on the development of whole industry chains, Hengli Group has become a leading player in China’s development. The article provides an overview of the company and its strategic advantages.

Structural Development of the Whole Industry Chain

Hengli Group is the earliest and fastest industry leader in China to implement the strategic development of the entire industrial chain of new polyester materials. —Aromatics, olefins—PTA, ethylene glycol—polyester—civilian yarns, industrial yarns, films, plastics” is a world-class listing platform development model that integrates and coordinates the entire industrial chain.

Hengli Group continuously upgrades and optimizes the industrial model, consolidates and expands the production capacity advantages of each link, promotes the quantitative change of the company’s operation scale and the qualitative change of the business structure, and builds the company to adapt to the high-quality competition situation of the whole industrial chain of the industry under the situation of industrial coordination, production capacity structure quality, and equipment. The strategic leading advantages of scale cost, technical process accumulation, project commissioning speed and listing platform development.


Hengli Group is seizing the opportunity to continuously extend to the end of the industrial chain, innovate and develop high-end materials, and climb to a higher peak. Hengli Group has continued to promote the projects under construction in a solid manner for many years to create an industry benchmark. If you want to know more about Hengli Group, welcome to contact us.

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