How Can You Earn Through KuCoin Affiliate Program?

KuCoin is a powerful Bitcoin exchange that provides high features to its customers and has many ways by which the user can earn a profit. It is among the best trading platforms, has more than 600 coins, including ETH Coin, ETH Price is very good and has over 20 million users. It is user-friendly and has multiple ways to earn risk-free profit.

KuCoin referral program, affiliate program, crypto lending program, and mining pool are some ways you can earn profit without any risk. The affiliate program of KuCoin is considered the best crypto affiliate program by experts because of its features. You can earn a commission of up to 45 percent with the help of the KuCoin affiliate program. This article will discuss how to earn money from the KuCoin affiliate program. So let’s begin.

Who Can Join KuCoin Affiliate Program?

If you are a content creator, YouTuber, or have any other online presence, then you can apply for the KuCoin affiliate program. You can also promote the KuCoin on your page or brand. If you have more than 5000 followers or a community of more than 500 members, then you should go for the program, which can be an easy way to earn a profit.

How To Join?

The process of joining KuCoin as an affiliate is very easy. You have to fill out the form, and the official KuCoin team will approach you if they find you suitable for the job. Once approved, you can create and manage your KuCoin link and post it on your KuCoin affiliate page. You can personalize the link to post on different platforms.

You can post these links with your published content on your blog, youtube channel, page, or any other platform.

Earning Commission Of KuCoin Affiliate Program

The earning commission of affiliate programs is 40 percent for the regular affiliate, but if you attract more users, you will have an extra 5 percent to reach 45 percent. The commission amount is not deducted from the invited person; it is the KuCoin profit, so it is a win-win situation for you and your audience. KuCoin pays the commission for the affiliate for 12 months from the date of registration of the referred person account.

When the invitees do the trade, you will get the commission you can withdraw weekly. There are two levels of affiliate programs. If you attract 100 or more new users in three months by your affiliate link, out of which 20 users do the trading, you will be upgraded to level 2. Your affiliate strength will determine your level at the end of each quarter. It is an easy way to earn money, and each time anyone registers through your link and does trading, you will receive a commission.


The affiliate program of KUCoin has helped to increase the user base, which increases liquidity. If you have an audience, then recommending them to KuCoin will help you earn affiliate fees and increase your reputation among your audience.

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