Instructions on How to Play Basic Poker That You Should Know at Hi88

How to play poker is a keyword that many people are probably searching for today at Link Hi88. This game is quite famous and attracts a lot of interested bettors and participates in entertainment at the house system. Poker is more about skill and thinking when playing than other popular card games. Therefore, in order to understand and learn how to play, you first need to have knowledge about it here.

Introduction to the game of poker

Poker in English is also known as Poker, an international standard name and quite familiar to many people. This card game is available at almost all large and small casinos, from traditional to online. With its current popularity and strong coverage, this game has been developed into many different versions. However, the most basic things such as laws and terminology remain the same and there are not too many changes compared to before.

Coming to how to play poker at Hi88, you will be fully guided with the necessary content. From the most basic things like common words to the game rules, they are presented in a specific and detailed way. So when choosing to participate in this card game at Hi88, players will not need to worry even if they have never tried it before.

Basic and complete instructions on how to play poker

Poker is a game that depends largely on thinking and analyzing situations. Besides, when participating, you also need to judge and flexibly handle the cards in your hand against your opponents. However, these things all originate from the most basic items of the game as follows.

Terminology used in poker

In any card game today, there will be specialized words included. This is a characteristic of the game, so if you want to participate, you need to understand their meaning first. Next, let’s find out the meanings of the words in how to play poker at Hi88:

  • Straight chest: Used to refer to a combination with 5 cards arranged in a row together.
  • Cumulative: A word used to refer to 3 cards that have the same value, the remaining 2 cards also have the same value. For example, 3 5s and 2 6s.
  • Box: Used when you want to talk about 4 cards that share the same suit.
  • Straight: This word is certainly very popular with bettors, used to refer to 5 cards of consecutive value.
  • Sam Co: Used to refer to 3 cards in the same combination that have the same value, the remaining 2 cards are different in value.
  • Thu: This word is quite special, often used in poker to refer to 2 pairs and 1 odd card that cannot create any combination.
  • Mau Bi: A word used when talking about 5 cards that do not have anything in common.

How to play poker

While the poker betting round is taking place, each round will include many activities that players need to perform. Depending on the content and value of the pieces you are holding in your hand, the actions given will have to match it. Below Hi88 will guide you how to play poker by performing the following actions:

  • Fold: If you notice that the cards in your hand do not have any chance of winning or the survival rate is too low, take this action immediately to minimize any risks to your betting capital. .
  • Follow: Use this action if you bet the same amount as the previous player to be able to participate in the next round.
  • Raising: This is the act of placing a larger bet than the previous person who bet. This action acts as a challenge and clearly shows that you have a very strong hand for those participating.
  • All-in: This action is also known as going all-in in poker games. That is, when using this command, the player will bet all the money he has on the betting table. Only when you hold the strongest combination at the table should you perform this reckless act.
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Above are the contents of how to play poker, fully updated by Hi88 for everyone. Hopefully the above content will help you understand the game better and have the best winning games. In addition to understanding how to play, you should also choose for yourself many good playing tips to learn and practice. What are you waiting for? Join Hi88 in intense, exciting card games right away.

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