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Ledia Lighting: Your Go-To Source for Outdoor LED Floodlights and Wholesale LED Strip Lights

As a subsidiary of the esteemed Honglitronic Group, the State high-tech enterprise – Ledia Lighting has cemented its reputation as a leading provider of innovative LED lighting solutions. With a steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and technological advancement, Ledia Lighting has emerged as a trusted name both domestically and internationally.

Comprehensive LED Lighting Solutions

From outdoor LED floodlights to wholesale LED strip lights, Ledia Lighting offers a comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions to cater to diverse needs. Whether illuminating commercial spaces or enhancing residential environments, the company’s products are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. With a focus on customization and innovation, Ledia Lighting empowers customers to create unique lighting experiences tailored to their specific requirements.

Unmatched Production Capacity and Quality Assurance

At the heart of Ledia Lighting’s success lies its impressive production capacity and unwavering dedication to quality assurance. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and bolstered by a team of skilled professionals, the company boasts over 20 production lines capable of churning out approximately 1.5 million meters of LED strip lights monthly.

Trusted Partner for Businesses Worldwide

With a customer-centric approach and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ledia Lighting has earned the trust of businesses worldwide. The company’s commitment to collaboration, precision, and innovation sets it apart as a preferred partner for discerning customers seeking top-quality LED lighting solutions. Whether it’s illuminating outdoor spaces with energy-efficient LED floodlights or adding ambiance to interiors with versatile LED strip lights, Ledia Lighting is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations every step of the way.


In conclusion, Ledia Lighting stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the LED lighting industry. With a diverse range of products, unmatched production capacity, and a steadfast commitment to quality, the company is poised to illuminate the world, one LED at a time. Whether you’re in need of outdoor LED floodlights or wholesale LED strip lights, Ledia Lighting is your trusted partner for superior lighting solutions.

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