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Mastering Precision: Blueiot’s Cutting-Edge RTLS Anchor Series

In an era where precision is paramount, Blueiot has emerged as a beacon of innovation with its state-of-the-art RTLS (Real-Time Location System) Anchor series. These Bluetooth tracking devices are not just pioneering indoor positioning but also bridging the gap to access a world of Bluetooth IoT sensor data. Join us on a journey to explore the remarkable features and capabilities that set Blueiot‘s RTLS Anchor series apart.

Features That Define Excellence

Blueiot’s Classic Type BA3000-t sets the bar high with its sub-meter high precision positioning, ensuring that every tracked movement is captured with unparalleled accuracy. But precision is just the beginning. It also supports dual network port serial links, streamlining wiring deployment, and enhancing adaptability. The compatibility with iOS and Android systems offers versatile application options. Moreover, it enables Bluetooth IoT data back transmission, allowing seamless reporting of tag information data.

Precision Across Vast Terrains

Blueiot’s Pro Type BA3000-p redefines the scope of precision with its wide-area positioning capabilities, achieving sub-meter-level high-precision tracking over extensive distances. Versatility is its forte, supporting wired and various communication methods, making it adaptable to a myriad of tracking scenarios. Its super protection and concealed line design make it a robust choice for complex outdoor environments. Furthermore, it supports both POE (Power over Ethernet) and DC power, along with multi-cascade configurations, simplifying deployment complexities.


In conclusion, precision, adaptability, and resilience are the cornerstones of Blueiot’s RTLS Anchor series. These high-quality Bluetooth tracking devices redefine indoor positioning, providing solutions that cater to diverse needs. From the precision perfected Classic Type to the expansive capabilities of the Pro Type and the resilience of the Waterproof Type, Blueiot’s RTLS Anchor series is a testament to innovation in the world of real-time location systems. Dive into precision, explore versatility, and embrace resilience with Blueiot’s cutting-edge RTLS Anchor series.

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