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I have been going through some major overhaul in terms of my decor over the last couple of years (if not years) and so one thing that came up was what kinds of things should my apartment look like? You may be a little surprised, but it is definitely nothing new to ask yourself this question these days as there are so many different shapes and sizes of interiors to choose from. After doing extensive research on furniture design websites (including Pinterest), and even doing lots of shopping around the house buying is the best way to find good quality pieces that fit your budget, needs, and requirements perfectly. This also has given me the opportunity to re-think about everything that makes up my home and I am sure you can relate to this feeling, as much as I do want to spend money on things that will make my life easier at the least cost, such as a nice bed or comfortable bedding, for example.

To change things up a bit I think I can help you get started with an upgrade, and you can’t go wrong with an update in any room, especially if you’re looking for something bigger than the current space. So after thinking hard on this decision I opted to completely redesign each room in search for a more modern look. As a result of the redoing I have actually been able to increase the space by approximately 2,300 square feet (I don’t know about the exact total size) and feel much better about the place! And so here are 5 ideas I thought would be nice for my current place:

  1. A large outdoor dining area with seating for 6+ people.

For once, I have chosen a small space, which means being closer to nature. When choosing, I had the idea in mind that I am sitting down on a patio overlooking a garden, and this makes a perfect location for seating. The only problem is that while sitting on a porch patio there is no natural air conditioning, but we can easily achieve this effect by placing our chairs outside, which means less work for getting them ready and then putting the patio door in place for us to open and shut, every half hour or so, which has a big added advantage. There are other ways of making this happen that aren’t involving windows, for instance a glass curtain or window or simply having a cool breeze that comes down from above. One time a friend suggested painting the ceiling white to provide just the right amount of light, however when it rains it makes the whole thing a lot of fun to watch raindrops drop onto the ceiling and into the water. At the end of the day we are all trying to create a functional environment for ourselves and those who live around us, which includes making use of beautiful materials in order to give us the best possible experience and also making the most of my free space.

  1. Large TV/Movie Dining Area with seating area for 4+.

Again, this is quite obvious and not a new concept. While this may seem out of place, this particular area could be used for watching movies with friends at night or maybe even a movie night where we decide to get together and watch movies. Perhaps I could pair this area with a large glass coffee table that looks amazing and has enough space to sit comfortably at. Although I haven’t yet decided on a place to put this chair, I think it would add lots of beauty to my place, and the sound would be great too. It might be easier to figure out the exact size and height of this piece for the purpose of this article anyway.

  1. Large Kitchen

Now I’m no expert in this subject, but I’ve done some research on similar sized kitchen spaces around the world, and they tend to have plenty of tiny windows above where you would put a refrigerator. However this seems unlikely of happening in my own apartment and so I am afraid to even consider adding windows. Having said that, I do love to cook and eat, so when it comes to it I am fully prepared to try and replicate this cooking area somewhere else within my apartment. Maybe I can rent out a smaller kitchen with two countertops and a stove top, and then install the larger window area above the second countertop to take the full benefit, which is probably a big leap of faith (even though it certainly won’t surprise me). We can try and recreate this kitchen area somewhere else in my apartment to see if there is anything else I could add to it as well, but without the windows it wouldn’t have much of an impact when it comes to creating an interesting space!

  1. Laundry Room

Now this is a really common feature nowadays and so in order to justify the fact I’ve decided to include this area within my bathroom, while it has its pros and cons. Here I’m starting to become obsessed with mirrors! With that being said I do enjoy mirrors as I find them very relaxing and can even play a part in changing myself to be more confident. But when I need to fix something or change something, I usually prefer using natural lighting that creates bright and crisp lights that help me focus on what I’m attempting to fix, rather than spending time worrying about things I can’t.

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