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When it comes to disc jockeys, everyone is no longer a stranger, right? But what about online coin toss? Is there anything more special than traditional coin toss and a chance to win big? To understand more about online coin toss, don’t miss the shares below NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP okay.

What is Xoc Dia online? Is there anything superior to traditional disc jockeys?

Xoc disc online is a betting game similar to coin toss that people often play during the holidays. However, online coin toss is at a higher level, each bet only takes place within 1 minute. But in that one minute many different changes can happen, the player can win or lose the bet or nothing happens in the event of a tie.

But for many experienced players, this is an opportunity for them to regain what they have lost. And in fact, although online coin toss only lasts 1 minute, it can bring more attraction than the traditional form.

With online play, players do not need to prepare anything. Only with a mobile phone with an internet connection or any electronic device can players immediately log into the game. And online games support many basic operations, choosing cards, placing bets, choosing bet amounts… With just a few simple touches, all operations are programmed and automatic so people don’t need to worry. anything more.

The appeal of online coin toss doesn’t stop there. Players participating in reputable bookmakers and game portals will also be supported with gaming capital and many different forms of incentives. There is even support for quick deposits and withdrawals, safe betting odds and dedicated care when you have questions.

Many reputable game portals have a large number of participating players, players do not need to worry about lack of players or having to wait. This is the outstanding advantage of online coin tossing, players do not need to wait for a large group of friends to gather at home to play the game. With the online format, thousands of people participate and you can play with strangers or contact friends to play.

Moreover, each game only requires selecting a room and placing a bet, no need to wait, and the betting time ends very quickly. Online forms like this are extremely convenient, players can take their phones anywhere, even if they only have a 5-minute break, they can still log in and place online coin toss bets as usual.

Is playing online coin toss illegal?

Regarding the issue of whether online coin toss betting is illegal or not, the answer is that it depends on whether the bookmaker you play with is legal or not. Because betting in Vietnam is not accepted.

Therefore, when participating in bookmakers or game portals, the first thing to make sure is that the game portal is clearly licensed to operate. Then playing online dice will automatically be safe.

Currently, there are many large bookmakers in the region also present in Vietnam, players can learn to participate and experience this attractive form of online betting. When participating, you should carefully study many different criteria to evaluate whether the house is really safe or not.

Rules for playing online coin toss to exchange prizes

The rules of playing online coin toss are no different from the rules of playing traditional coin toss, the rules are quite simple. Players have many options for bets when the screen offers choices. Once you have chosen to place a bet, the system will start shaking the disc. When the result of the player’s chosen bet matches the result when opening the bet, the player will win and get money. If you lose, you will lose your bet.

The betting options for players to choose from are as follows:

  • Even number: When the numbers shown are even, the player wins. When it comes out two white sides – two black sides or 4 white sides, 4 black sides.
  • Odd number: When the displayed result is an odd number, the player will win. If the displayed result is 3 white 1 black, or 3 black 1 white, the player can collect the bet back to their hand.
  • Door 4 white: When the result shows 4 white, you win
  • Black 4: When the 4-sided result displays 4 black, the bettor wins.
  • Doors 3 black 1 white
  • Doors 3 white 1 black.

Each betting door has different odds, players can learn carefully about this aspect to choose the appropriate betting door.

Instructions on how to play coin toss online

How to participate in the online coin tossing game, players access the house to play coin toss. Basic steps to participate in online coin toss.

Step 1: Prepare to bet

The system screen displays a beautiful dealer, or depending on the dealer’s graphics, the betting table has been set up. Players choose different sitting angles, choose the appropriate amount of money and start betting.

Some bookmakers will have a pre-set bet amount, players can adjust it to a level that suits them or leave it at the default level. Everyone started predicting and placing bets in the betting box. Players can choose and research before betting to get the most accurate betting results.
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Step 2: The dealer shakes the discs

The system will set a time for the player to bet, the player will make the bet within that time period and when the bet is confirmed, the time ends, the dealer will start shaking the disc. It only takes a short amount of time to shake the disc and start betting.

Step 3: Open bet

The system begins to open bets and announces the results of the coin toss. Players can observe to know the betting results. Everything else will be taken care of by the system. When you win, the bonus is automatically transferred to your account, if you lose, the bet is deducted.

The payout ratio of each house will not be the same. Players can choose and find out what payout rate the house has, so the bonus when winning a bet that the player will receive is not the same.

The secret to playing online coin toss to win prizes

A few tips to share for everyone to get absolute and unexpected wins while playing online coin toss. These tips are widely used by experts, so players can safely follow them and win rewards.

Place a bet

This rule is applied by many people and the winning rate is 50:50. Players should put all their bets into one bet, instead of having to divide their bets into multiple bets. At the same time, apply more tips below to increase your chances of winning prizes.

In addition, players also need to have large capital and a very stable mentality when betting. If the player is new to the game, does not fully understand the rules of the game and does not understand all the betting secrets, he should not apply this method when betting on coin toss online.

Know when to stop

Players should know when to stop, but to be able to do so, they need to have a strong mentality and practice to be able to do it. Stopping at the right time will help players see the outcome clearly.

Playing coin toss online sometimes wins and sometimes loses, so you need to have a more optimistic outlook. There’s no need to worry too much about winning or losing. When you lose too much, you should know when to stop to avoid affecting your betting capital.

Hear the sound of the disc jolting

This is a tip that many people also apply when playing traditional coin toss, not just online coin toss. That is why players should choose reputable bookmakers and online game portals. Make sure the sound system is of good quality to be able to hear the sound of the disc shaking successfully.

And this is not an operation that can be learned in a day or two, but requires constant practice to be able to get used to the sound of the shock disc and bet correctly.

Predict the lottery

Predicting dice is a trick that many people apply when playing online dice, a live game. Players can follow the results table of previous games to predict the result of the current bet.

Players have many options to predict 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 1-2-3… When predicting, people can choose to follow or abandon the prediction. Whatever the result is, bet like that.

The 1-1 bridge is a bridge with 1 even and 1 odd mixed together. When repeated more than 3 times, everyone should follow the bridge, but after 5 times, they should break the bridge. The 2-2 bridge is two consecutive even bridges, two consecutive odd bridges and can be repeated 3 times, then immediately follow the 4th time and break the bridge.

As for the remaining types of bets, they rarely appear, players just need to follow the 1-1 bet, 2-2- bet. And play many times to get acquainted and gain experience.

Double bet

Double betting is quite a popular bet among players who are passionate about online coin toss betting. This bet will increase the bet amount higher than the first bet, and the player can only return to the original bet level when the bet has been won.

This method is applied by many people when they start to fall into bad luck, to help quickly recover their bet capital. But if the player does not have experience or does not want to, he should not play this way.

Furthermore, double betting when playing online coin toss requires players to have extremely high capital to participate. Avoid being out of breath and losing all your capital in the middle of playing.

Galaxy NEW88 – Reputable online Xoc Dia 2021

Choosing a reputable bookmaker when playing reputable online coin toss is very important. People will no longer need to worry about being tricked, not keeping their information secure, or not being able to deposit or withdraw while playing.

Galaxy NEW88 is a safe address for playing coin toss online for everyone to participate. Simple betting form, many safe options. Players can completely choose which bet is suitable for them.

We are a reputable bookmaker and have many years of experience in providing services to players. The game portal is safe and verified by many players and is quite famous in the online coin tossing market.

Hopefully the above sharing about online coin toss can help people better understand coin toss. Everyone can research, learn and experience more for themselves at Galaxy NEW88.

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