QR codes for women’s centers: fighting against domestic abuse

A sad reality is that in 2022, women are still experiencing domestic abuse — whether physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, or economic.

Victims and survivors always want to seek help, but they often feel like no one can help their situation and are alone in the fight.

That’s why different centers are now using the technology of a QR code generator to better spread avenues of help across all platforms in any setting or location.

If you need help or are experiencing abuse, remember that help is there. See how different women’s centers reach out to you through QR codes.

Anonymous QR code registration form at women’s centers

Public shaming is one of the reasons why many domestic abuse victims and survivors are afraid or hesitant to come up.

They don’t want to be labeled or called names because of their experiences with abuse.

To address this, women’s centers use QR code registration forms that protect survivors’ identities.

They don’t have to reveal their identity if they don’t want to and still receive the help they need, like therapy, monetary aid, and more.

Women’s centers understand the difficulties of leaving and returning to normalcy, so they ensure victims recover by making them feel at peace and safe with their identities.

Helpline QR code stickers in beauty salons

In locations where women may frequent or be free without their abuser, QR code stickers that lead directly to helplines and women’s centers have been effective.

In Ireland, salon owners placed QR code stickers on their mirrors. Scanning the code led directly to a 24hr National Freephone Helpline website and the Women’s Aid website.

In line with this, staff underwent a seminar to recognize abuse and respond to them accordingly.

Beauty salon employees often get close and personal with their clients to effectively do their job, so this is an excellent opportunity for women to escape abuse.

Campaign QR codes for domestic abuse awareness

Some victims don’t know they’re abused or turn a blind eye in the name of love, marriage, and children, among many other factors.

It’s important to remind them that any form of abuse is inexcusable and that getting professional help doesn’t discredit their effort to stay with their abusers.

The Break the Cycle campaign in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, placed QR codes on all platforms and advertised them in critical areas such as bus shelters and toilet doors.

The QR code contained all the relevant online information about domestic abuse.

The campaign also redirected scanners to the campaign’s website, the Men’s Referral Service, and the Domestic Violence Crisis Line.

New QR code to combat stalking and tracking

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSW government placed QR codes across the state to aid the government with contract tracing of positive cases and cases of interest.

However, as the information is publicly available, abusers used this to track the whereabouts of women suffering from abuse.

The state issued a new QR code for women that they can receive through their email or post to prevent technology-facilitated abuse.

Hitting two birds with one stone, they can still fulfill contact tracing duties but keep their whereabouts private.

This is also beneficial for cases of stalking, which may lead to abuse.

QR code in poster ads to reassure survivors

Even when survivors have gotten out of abuse, the trauma can still catch up to them and may make them feel like someone is still in control of their lives.

Domestic abuse survivor, Donna Anne Pace, initiated the placement of QR code posters in bars and cafes across southwest England.

When scanned, it led to a live chat support line, where they could come forward and tell their stories.

Keeping victims and survivors in check and being with them greatly helps their recovery.

Advocate to end women’s abuse with QR codes

Domestic abuse isn’t reasonable, justifiable, or excusable in any way.

Join the women’s center’s advocacy to end domestic violence by speaking up, campaigning against it, and sharing QR codes to spread help.

If you want to initiate this advocacy, you can use QRTIGER, the best QR code generator online software. Fight for women’s rights using QR codes.

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