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Redefining Outdoor Energy: The Foxtheon Outdoor Power Station

Get ready to go on a fantastic adventure where power and convenience coexist in perfect harmony. As the pinnacle of outdoor energy solutions, the Foxtheon outdoor power station reigns supreme. This portable generator, with its unsurpassed ability, numerous output ports, and outstanding performance, opens up a world of limitless possibilities for outdoor lovers like you.

Empowering Your Devices with Limitless Power

The iGo 3600 outdoor power station is a genuine power symphony. This outdoor power station gives you an astounding 3200W of continuous power and a 3800W surge capability. Its vast output port selection, which includes AC outlets, USB-A, USB-C, DC, ECS, and Cigarette Lighter connections, offers continuous charging and power delivery for a broad range of technological devices. The iGo 3600 keeps your outdoor stuff charged and prepared to go.

Rechargeability and Accessibility Refined for Your Convenience

The Foxtheon outdoor power station has been created with your comfort in mind, with several charging alternatives to meet what you require. You are able to recharge it using a conventional AC wall socket, the iGo 3600 guarantees that you have a reliable and sustainable source of energy even in the most faraway areas. Its impressive power capacity and clever design make it highly portable, and it comes with a specially designed carrying bag, allowing for easy transportation and empowering you to take reliable power wherever your journeys are taking.


For outdoor lovers like you, the iGo 3600 outdoor power station is the ideal friend. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or participating in other enjoyable outdoor activities, this power station delivers enough power to keep your electronics and appliances running smoothly. Accept the flexibility and possibilities that the Foxtheon outdoor power station gives you and allow it to be the impetus behind your wonderful travels.

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