Stand for Life: AEDs Manufactured by Mindray

The role of the life-saving AED is very crucial. First of all, it can save more lives. When people have a sudden heart attack, often only a few minutes of golden resuscitation time, if there is an AED defibrillator can be defibrillated in the shortest possible time to save lives. AEDs manufactured by Mindray, a professional AED supplier, can help improve the success rate of first aid.

Why is AED so important?

The use of AEDs can buy time for patients to be resuscitated. In case of an emergency, the AED defibrillator can buy more resuscitation time for the rescued person. AED defibrillation is the most important instrument to deal with cardiac arrhythmias and is a necessary instrument to perform resuscitation. Simply waiting for the arrival of medical personnel is not the right approach. The practice that greatly increases the success rate of resuscitation is to perform CPR and the use of AEDs immediately after having an AED.

Mindray’s AEDs: Easy to use and raise awareness of AEDs

Popularize first aid awareness. Popularizing AEDs across the country will enable more people to know how to use AEDs, which will help raise awareness of first aid among the entire population and spread knowledge of first aid to the general public.

At the same time, Mindray’s AEDs have a high degree of ease of use, which is very important for setting up in public places. Not everyone is professionally trained in medical care, and the ease of use and detailed instructions are the distinguishing features of Mindray‘s AEDs.

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