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The Strategic Vision and Innovations of Tianlong in Health Technology

Tianlong, established in 1997, has emerged as a pioneer in health technology, particularly in the realm of molecular diagnostics. With a strong focus on research and development, Tianlong has continually introduced cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. The brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence has made it a key player in improving global health outcomes.

Leading-Edge Product Development

Tianlong’s product portfolio is a testament to its innovative spirit. The brand offers a range of high-performance nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents, including the highly efficient PCR thermal cyclers and real-time PCR systems. These products are essential for accurate and timely diagnostics, which are crucial for disease detection and management. Tianlong’s automatic nucleic acid workstations and comprehensive kits for extraction and detection further enhance the capabilities of laboratories worldwide.

Global Certification and Impact

The quality and reliability of Tianlong’s products are reflected in the numerous certifications and approvals they have received. With more than 70 NMPA approvals in China and over 120 international certifications, including from the European Union and the United States, Tianlong’s products are trusted and utilized in more than 100 countries. This global footprint underscores the brand’s influence and its pivotal role in enhancing public health infrastructures across the globe.

Responding to Global Health Crises

Tianlong’s expertise and advanced technologies have been instrumental in responding to global health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Their products have been widely applied in clinical diagnostics and epidemic prevention, demonstrating high performance and reliability in critical situations. Tianlong’s contributions to major epidemics, including avian influenza and Ebola, highlight their capability to support large-scale health interventions and improve patient outcomes.


As Tianlong continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, its impact on global health will become even more pronounced. The brand’s strategic vision and dedication to quality ensure that it remains at the forefront of health technology, driving advancements that benefit healthcare providers and patients alike. Tianlong’s ongoing commitment to research and development positions it as a leader in the field, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow with innovative solutions.

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