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Transform Your Poultry Farm with Hontech-Wins’ IP67 T8 LED Poultry lights.

Hontech-Wins, a leading manufacturer of poultry lighting solutions, introduces its latest innovation, the IP67 T8 LED poultry lights. Designed after extensive research and field visits to farms worldwide, this high-quality lighting solution is set to revolutionize the poultry farming industry.

Why Choose Hontech-Wins as Your supplier?

Hontech-Wins has established itself as a trusted supplier in the poultry lighting industry since its inception in 2009. The company’s commitment to providing the best poultry lighting system is evident through its continuous research on chicken characteristics and extensive farm visits worldwide. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Hontech-Wins ensures that their IP67 T8 LED poultry lights meet the highest standards.

Strong R&D Capabilities and Industry Experience

Hontech-Wins boasts strong research and development capabilities in both hardware and software. The company has gained widespread recognition in the industry and holds certifications. Moreover, the core members of Hontech-Wins’ management team possess over a decade of industry experience, ensuring that their poultry lights are designed to meet the specific needs of poultry farmers.


To transform your poultry farm and enhance its efficiency, look no further than Hontech-Wins’ IP67 T8 LED poultry lights. With options for single or switchable colors, a commitment to quality, and a team with extensive industry experience, Hontech-Wins is the ideal supplier for your poultry lighting needs.

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