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Unveiling DAYA’s Rectangular Shower Bases: A Revolution in Bathroom Design

Revolutionizing the landscape of modern bathrooms, rectangular shower bases have become a focal point of contemporary design. DAYA, a trailblazer in shower tray manufacturing, introduces its Series F Slate Texture | Resin Shower Tray, featuring revolutionary rectangular shower base crafted to redefine bathroom aesthetics.

Exquisite Patterns and Unparalleled Quality

DAYA’s rectangular shower bases set themselves apart with their exquisite patterns and uncompromising quality. Crafted from a composite material consisting of 93% resin and mineral fillers, these bases ensure both aesthetic appeal and durability. The intricate patterns not only enhance the visual appeal but also reflect DAYA’s commitment to delivering products of the highest standard.

Enhanced Safety and Longevity

Safety and longevity are paramount considerations in DAYA’s design philosophy. The rectangular shower bases, part of the Series F, guarantee a safe and user-friendly experience. The use of high-quality materials ensures a long product lifespan, providing shower base wholesale clients with a reliable and lasting solution for their customers.

Tailored Solutions Through Customization

DAYA’s commitment to providing bespoke solutions for shower base wholesale excellence is exemplified in the customization options for its rectangular shower bases. Clients seeking specific sizes, such as the 1700 mm variant, or desiring unique patterns and designs can leverage DAYA’s customization services. This approach allows businesses to curate offerings that precisely meet the demands of their target market, fostering long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.


In conclusion, DAYA’s Series F Slate Texture | Resin Shower Tray, featuring innovative rectangular shower bases, heralds a new era in shower base wholesale bathroom design. Offering bespoke solutions, targeting B-end clients, and upholding the highest standards of quality, DAYA emerges as the preferred partner for businesses seeking to make a mark in the competitive shower tray industry.

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