What does the hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 do?

A blog post about the hemoperfusion cartridge HA330: there are 7 different types of HA hemoperfusion devices, namely HA130, HA230, HA330, HA330-II, HA280, HA60, and HA380. This is a pen-type device used for “hemoperfusion,” taking blood from the body and returning it to the blood.

How does the hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 work?

Hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 is specially designed for critically ill patients. It uses a neutral macroporous adsorption resin treated with a unique process as an adsorbent to remove endotoxin and inflammatory mediators in patients’ blood through its powerful adsorption, thereby effectively controlling SIRS, Sepsis. The progress of MODS has become a powerful treatment weapon for critically ill patients. The hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 is a lifesaving device that can help save patients’ lives.

What makes the Hemoperfusion Cartridge HA330 better than others?

The hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 is more accurate because it uses a microprocessor to control blood flow. This technology ensures that the blood flows evenly and the pressure is always correct.

The hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 uses less energy as it uses less force to pump blood. This means the system can be used in more places without additional energy.

The hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 is a high-quality medical device that can help treat various medical conditions and is easy to use.

The hemoperfusion cartridge HA330 is a single-use device that helps treat blood clots. It is commonly used in hospitals and healthcare facilities and can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

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