What is Dragon Tiger? Detailed instructions for playing Dragon Tiger for new players

Dragon Tiger is currently the most popular online card game at online bookmakers. This is a game with simple rules but still no less interesting and dramatic. Not only that, the winning rate in the Dragon Tiger game is also quite high, making many people interested. Together Trang Chủ Hi88 Learn more about the Dragon Tiger game in the article below.

What is a tiger?

Dragon Tiger is also known to players around the world by the English name Dragon & Tiger. This is a leading online card game from bookmakers in Asia. The number of players participating in betting at Dragon Tiger halls always reaches extremely high levels.

Rewards card game This game was first known to players in Cambodia, then gradually spread to Asia and the whole world. Today this game has affirmed its position and appears in most large and small online bookies.

Not only does it attract players with its simple gameplay and easy rules, but Dragon Tiger is also a tool to make money quickly online at bookmakers. The payout rate when you win the Dragon Tiger game is extremely large. You will easily double or triple your money in a few games of Dragon Tiger.

How Dragon Tiger game works

Dragon Tiger game is played based on 52 cards in the Tu Lo Kho deck. Players will be dealt cards from a box (often called Blackjack) contains 6 to 8 decks of cards. The way this game works is not against the house like some online casinos you often see.

Instead, Dragon Tiger works in such a way that the player will choose the highest Dragon or Tiger hand and win for themselves. Other than Baccarat, Dragon Tiger does not allow players to draw additional cards, so you can only try your luck once.

Because of this way of working, Dragon Tiger is considered a game of chance with extremely high winning rates.

Detailed instructions on how to bet on Dragon and Tiger for new players

Before participating in betting in the Dragon Tiger game, you need to understand how to bet and the basic rules of the betting forms in this game. Only then can you avoid losing continuously and losing money unfairly.

Draw bet

This is a form of betting that gives players the opportunity to be rewarded with a ratio of up to 1 to 8. The winning rate that the house enjoys is 32.77%. Your job is to choose to bet on the case of a tie between the two cards Dragon – Tiger.

The odds of a draw winning are 6,448 cases out of a total of 86,320 possible cases in each game of Dragon Tiger.

Big bet – small bet

Big bet – small bet is a form of play in which the player will bet on a specific card. In the game Dragon Tiger is Dragon door or Tiger door. If you bet big, it means you predict that the card in the hand will be greater than 7. On the contrary, if you bet small, it means you predict that the card in the hand will be less than 7.

In this bet, the cards will be divided into 6 big cards including: 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and small cards including: A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If the result is If the results of the cards are exactly the same as the big or small numbers you choose, the player will win, otherwise he will lose.

In case the card drawn is 7, you will also lose. Casinos enjoy a winning percentage of 7.69% in this type of big bet – small bet.

Quality bets

This is a form of betting where the player will bet based on the suit of the card drawn in a certain hand. Winnings are calculated at a ratio of 1 to 3 if the bet is of the right quality. The player loses if they do not choose the correct suit of the drawn card.

This type of bet can be placed on both Dragon and Tiger bets. With this form of bet, the house will have more winning odds in case 7 cards appear in the deck.

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Scoring rules in Dragon Tiger

If the player does not choose to bet on suits, the card suits of Diamonds – Hearts – Spades – Spades will not affect the results of the cards. The Dragon Tiger card score is calculated based on the numbers that the card carries.

The score order is arranged from smallest to largest as follows: A – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – J – Q – K. In addition, each card Cards also have a predetermined value independent of some other betting requirements.

In addition to the cards that have rules for calculating points according to the number listed above, we calculate points with specific word cards as follows:

  • Card A counts 1 point (the smallest card in Dragon Tiger)
  • Card J counts 11 points
  • Q cards count for 12 points
  • The K card counts for 23 points

Experience playing Dragon Tiger is the easiest to win

For those who are new to betting at Dragon Tiger game halls, they will often assume that this game depends 100% on luck. However, if that were the case, veteran Dragon Tiger players would not appear on the market.

We have gathered the most easy-to-win experiences of playing Dragon Lake in the article below for new players.

Observe the dealer’s way of dealing Dragon and Tiger cards.

Observing the dealer’s way of dealing Dragon and Tiger cards is extremely important when placing online bets at these halls. In particular, in Dragon Tiger you can only bet once without drawing additional cards, so observation almost becomes the key point in this game.

The mentality of relying entirely on luck and placing hasty bets makes many people bitterly embrace their losses and go completely broke. Choose a specific strategy, observe the dealer’s dealings and find the rules to increase the accuracy of your predictions.

Choose the appropriate betting form when playing Dragon Tiger

One of the valuable experiences shared by longtime Dragon Tiger players is that you should not bet on a draw if you are a new player. This is an attractive bet with a high payout ratio of up to 1 to 8, but the probability of winning this bet is extremely low.

In case of winning with a draw, the chance is only about 12.5%, so you can choose other bets with higher odds. Observe carefully and take measures to spread the money evenly instead of completely believing in a certain bet.

To do that, players need to stay alert, not discouraged when losing and not arrogant when winning. If you feel too stressed or confused, stop and rest for a while to clear your mind before continuing with the following betting rounds to avoid losing all your capital without getting any money back.

Steps to place Dragon and Tiger bets at online bookmakers

To participate in betting on the Dragon Tiger lobby at online bookmakers on the market today, you can follow the steps as follows.

Step 1: Choose a game table

The Dragon Tiger table at bookmakers will be divided based on the minimum or maximum bet amount you can place. The unit of money used in Dragon Tiger is called bet, the tables can be divided from 1 – 250 or 10 – 1500 bet.

Players should think carefully and choose a table that suits their amount of money and ability to bet.

Step 2: Choose to bet

At this step, players can move the arrows up and down to choose the appropriate bet such as 1 – 5 – 10 – 50 – 100. Check to see if the account has enough money when you want to change the bet levels. . Please choose flexibly depending on your conditions.

Step 3: Choose a bet

After completing the above two steps, the screen will display images of Dragon and Tiger corresponding to 2 bets with the same name. Players choose bets by clicking on the circle corresponding to the bets.

After one selection, the system will automatically add 1 times the bet number you initially chose to bet. Therefore, be careful and choose the correct amount of money you want, avoid betting wrongly and losing a lot of money when playing Dragon Tiger at online bookies.

Step 4: Bet

After choosing the bet, the player can press the “Deal” button on the screen to start betting. Immediately after that, the system will automatically distribute 1 card to each side of the Dragon and Tiger doors. The cards will be announced after 3 seconds.

The system’s dealer will announce the results of the Dragon door and then the Tiger door. When you choose the wrong door or the wrong amount, you can use the Clear key to delete and bet again. If in the next game the player still keeps the same bets as before, use the Rebet key.

After the results of the cards are announced, the system will automatically add or remove bets for each win or loss case along with the corresponding odds. When starting a new bet, the player selects the New key and repeats steps 2 – 4.

Participate in Dragon Tiger betting at Hi88

An important thing that players need to keep in mind when playing Dragon Tiger That is choosing a reputable and quality house. This helps you keep your information secure, place bets with peace of mind and enjoy attractive promotions.

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