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Business Plan for a Small Service Business

Introduction and Request for Funds

This is a request for a loan of $6,000 to establish the Central Personnel Agency as my sole proprietorship. Central Personnel will specialize in providing South City employers with secretarial, clerical, and computer (word processing) skilled personnel. I am presently a junior partner in Mid Mountain Personnel Services, a similar type of personnel agency with headquarters in North City.

I manage the branch office in South City. Mid-Mountain provides me with an office in a good, downtown location and a moderate salary. I like what I do and feel that helping people find work is a creative and satisfying activity.

My Experience and Background

As my resume sets out in detail, since 1992 I have worked for three different employment agencies in this area, successfully finding jobs for many people. This has given me the opportunity to learn the personnel agency business thoroughly, including how to find employers needing workers, and how to locate and screen desirable employees

Business Description of Central Personnel Agency

Central Personnel will specialize in secretarial, clerical, word processing, and computer operator jobs, a field in which there is constant turnover. I will also provide services for technical and midmanagement jobs, but expect it to take several years before these latter areas provide a substantial portion of my income.

My particular specialty will be women reentering the workforce after completing family-raising responsibilities. In this connection, I have developed a successful liaison with the South City Women’s Resource Center. This group, which is partially funded by grants from local businesses, provides training, seminars, and counseling for reentry women and will provide me with a source of many highly motivated potential employees.

Central Personnel Agency Marketing Plan

The secret to success in the personnel business in South City is finding high-quality employee applicants. Because of the relatively rapid turnover among clerical employees, and because the South City economy is expanding, it is relatively easy to place highly motivated employees with good skills once they have been identified. Because of my prior experience in this business and this area, many of my initial candidates will come from repeats and referrals from people I have placed. Others will be referred as part of my work with the Women’s Resource Center.

Market Growth

South City has a large number of the type of jobs I specialize in, with plenty of growth potential. Most of the other agencies are more interested in technical job categories. South City’s growth as a regional financial and market center will ensure commensurate growth in job openings and should encourage the trend for women to reenter the job market. My approach to counseling both employers and employees is unique locally and I expect a continuing growth from my commitment to individual service, because this approach saves everyone time and expense in the long run. My new downtown location (the office I will take over from Mid-Mountain) is already established, convenient, and close to the Women’s Resource Center, with which I work closely

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