Forest City, Malaysia: Nature and Urban Wonders

A green and technologically advanced metropolis, Forest City Malaysia spans four artificial islands and an area of 30 km2. An ideal, idyllic, and technologically-driven living and working environment ecosystem is provided by this partnership between Country Garden Group and Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd (EDSB).

The Combined Beaty of City and Nature

The year-round mild temperatures, beautiful ocean vistas, bright blue skies, and clean air contribute to the city’s inherent charm. Everyone may relax in the sunshine, take a dip in the pool, or take a leisurely stroll in the park because there are no cars on the roads.

Forest City Malaysia is known for both its natural beauty and its urban attractiveness. The city blends state-of-the-art infrastructure with forward-thinking housing innovations and individualised support to provide its residents with a high quality of life without compromising on sustainability. The Forest Life App is a comprehensive service hub that connects users to local businesses and organisations, such as the first Malaysian cloud-based community digital library Readlife and the Canbot smart robot service community.

For the safety of its citizens, Forest City Malaysia employs cutting-edge technological innovations in the field of smart security. Facial and fingerprint recognition are used by the city’s smart doors and elevators, and invisible electric fencing surrounds the city for further safety. The Forest Life app provides video intercom capabilities, door unlocking, alarm triggering, and live streaming of common areas all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Community Culture

Forest City Malaysia has invested heavily on butler jobs in an effort to forge personal connections with its property owners and facilitate a smooth transition into community life. In addition, the neighbourhood hosts Chinese New Year and Japanese Culture Day celebrations, as well as cultural workshops where people may learn new skills and share their own traditions with their neighbours, such as tie-dying with Henna and Chinese handcrafted things.

For Localtion

Forest City Malaysia is at a prime location, right on the Singaporean border in the Iskandar special economic zone (SEZ) at the very tip of southern Peninsular Malaysia. The city was founded by Country Garden Pacificview Sdn. Bhd. (CGPV) as part of the Malaysian government’s Economic Transformation Plan, with funding from the governments of both Singapore and Malaysia.


To sum up, Forest City Malaysia is a one-of-a-kind and forward-thinking smart and green city that provides a pleasant and environmentally friendly home for its citizens. The city’s citizens enjoy a high quality of life because to its natural and urban beauty, cutting-edge technology, and individualised services.

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