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Revolutionizing Collaboration with Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display

In today’s world, collaboration and interaction play an important role in education and business. To cater to this need, Ikinor has launched its range of Interactive Flat Panel Displays that promise to revolutionize the way businesses collaborate and interact. These displays come in different sizes containing 65″ 4K  | 75″ 4K | 86″ 4K | 98″ 4k | 110″ 4k and boast advanced zero bonding technology and upgraded audio for an immersive visual experience.

Why choose Ikinor?

The high accuracy infrared 40-point touch technology of Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display allows multiple users to annotate on the slim display simultaneously. This feature is especially useful in classrooms and meeting rooms where group discussions are common. The displays also use an Android 13 Mother Board that provides a cost-efficient chip-set solution. It comes with standard storage of RAM 4G and ROM 32G and can be expanded to RAM 8G and ROM 128G.

Ikinor interactive flat panel Display features optional NTSC 85% technology that displays greater images with graphic colors. This makes it ideal for presentations and other visual aids. The displays also support full function USB Type-C connection, dual pen support, optional HD out mirroring, remote control, wireless screen share, and a humanized design system. Whether you are giving a presentation or teaching a lesson, Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display has everything you need to make your content engaging and interactive.


Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display is a game-changer for collaboration and interaction. Its innovative features and state-of-the-art technology make it an ideal choice for classrooms and meeting rooms. With its powerful Android whiteboard software and wireless screen share feature, Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display promises to take interaction and collaboration to the next level.

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