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Unveiling the Legacy of ESD Acoustic: A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

ESD Acoustic, one of the leading professional speaker brands, founded by Mr. David Dai in November 2015, embarked on a mission to create the world’s most high-end Hi-fi audio system. Collaborating with industry experts Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye, the company set a new standard for audio excellence.

Origins and Vision

Driven by a vision of innovation, ESD Acoustic established itself in the United States in August 2016. With angel investment from Dr. Hua Guichao in November 2016, the company accelerated its growth, culminating in successful trial production of speakers by May 2017.

Recognition and Expansion

Participation in global audio exhibitions garnered ESD Acoustic praise and acclaim. Expansion efforts included establishing ESD Acoustic (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. and selection for the “5050 Plan” in Hangzhou.

Product Diversification

ESD Acoustic’s commitment to innovation led to the launch of flagship systems like “Dragon” and subsequent series such as “Phoenix,” “Crane,” and “Panda.” New products like the Bluetooth Player BT-1 and Kunlun audio electronics rack further solidified the company’s position.

Achievements and Recognition

Recognition came in various forms, including awards from renowned publications and institutions. Being named a National High-tech Enterprise and inclusion on the 2022 FORTUNE China 50 Best Design List highlighted the impact of ESD Acoustic.

Ongoing Innovation

Continued innovation saw the development of products like the “Aviator” entry-level audio system and subwoofer with ultra-low distortion. Recent launches, including the CDT-2B CD Transport, DA-2B DAC, DPA-2B Pre-amplifier, and BT-2 Bluetooth Player, further showcased ESD Acoustic’s commitment to excellence.


ESD Acoustic’s journey epitomizes innovation and excellence in the high-end audio industry. As a professional speaker brands, the company continues to redefine audio standards and provide unmatched experiences for enthusiasts worldwide.

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