Why Sustainable Urban Development Is Crucial to Our Future: How Forest City Do That 

Forest City in Johor, Malaysia, won the 2022 SCAHSA Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Construction. Given the city’s six-year SCAHSA streak, this is a major accomplishment. SCAHSA honors sustainable city development concepts globally. This essay examines Forest City and the relevance of sustainable development for cities.

Sustainability Benefits from Forest City 

Cities need sustainable development to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Sustainable urban planning, architecture, and construction reduces carbon emissions, protects natural ecosystems, and makes cities more resilient to natural calamities. Sustainable development promotes green areas and lowers pollution, which improves health. Bike lanes and public transit may minimize traffic, air, and noise pollution in cities.

Sustainable development boosts social cohesiveness, reduces poverty, and creates jobs. Sustainable city tourism may provide jobs and economic prosperity. Sustainable development may also minimize pollution and natural catastrophes in low-income areas. Sustainable development may improve social cohesion by bringing people together in public areas and eliminating urban social and economic gaps by providing fair access to green spaces and public transit.

Forest City won the SCAHSA Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Construction award for its sustainable development efforts. Forest City, a 30-square-kilometer mixed-use complex, has green roofs, facades, and open areas. Recycled rainwater powers the city. Forest City’s attempts to integrate nature into urban areas and live together are admirable. Integration has benefited city health, biodiversity, and climate resilience. Forest City also uses intelligent transportation solutions like electric buses and smart traffic management to cut carbon emissions and increase mobility.


Cities need sustainable growth. It can help cities solve environmental issues, promote health and well-being, generate jobs, decrease poverty, and strengthen social cohesion. Forest City‘s work integrating nature into cities and supporting green and intelligent development is significant. These initiatives should be replicated internationally to produce sustainable and resilient cities.

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